DietToGo makes excellent additional effort to ensure it's meals are as fresh as possible by never freezing their meals, and including options for it's customers to drive to locations and pick up the meals directly. If it's convenient for you and you are in one of the areas where direct pick up is available this is a great option to ensure the freshest meals possible. does an excellent job supporting and working with each of their customers to not only structure the healthiest, most effective meal plan for losing weight they go even further in encouraging all feedback, suggestions, and tips in the effort to continually improve the quality and taste of their meals as well as their program’s effectiveness and the effectiveness of their support. Critiques are as welcome as any positive feedback and compliments. The Diettogo team is a dedicated group of professionals concerned solely with assisting their customers lose weight and push their lives to the healthiest, happiest, strongest levels possible.

There are 4 menu types, options for a Men’s or Women’s, and options for 5 day or 7 day per week plans. The 4 menus are:

  • Balanced Menu: The top rated menu for the past 25 years. This menu provides the highest quality, best tasting ingredients with dietician approved, balanced healthy quantities.
    • Calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced
    • Heart healthy-controlled for sodium, carbs, fat and cholesterol
    • Vegetarian options
    • Diabetic Options
  • Carb 30: Atkins style carb restricted
    • Carb restricted-replaces carbs with fat
    • Average of 30 carbs per day
    • Adding fruit, bread, sugar, or other carbs not recommended
  • Balance Diabetes: Based on the American Diabetes Association formula for carbohydrates and fat. This plan is designed to manage pre-diabetes, lose weight, and prevent type-2 diabetes
    • Controls blood sugar naturally-perfect for diabetes or pre-diabetes
    • Heart healthy-controlled for carbohydrates, fat, sodium, and cholesterol
    • Not limited to diabetics, very effective at losing weight if you do not have diabetes
  • Vegetarian: Also a 25 year leader in assisting vegetarians with losing weight and looking great!
    • Calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced
    • Heart Healthy-controlled for sodium, fat, cholesterol, and carbs
    • Protein sources include dairy, egg, some soy and beans

Delivery Options:


Delivers meals both directly to your door and offers options to pick meals up in certain metropolitan areas.  Options to pick meals up locally include the following metropolitan areas:

  • Washington DC
    • Northern Virginia
    • Suburban Maryland
  • Baltimore
  • Greater Philadelphia
    • South New Jersey
  • San Francisco Bay Area
    • East Bay
  • Greater Los Angeles


Diettogo breaks its offerings down into 4 plans, supporting to both Men and Women, Diabetics, and Vegetarians, and have both 5 day and 7 day per week options.

5 day Options:

  • 5 Day 2 meal  (no breakfast):  $22.72 per day
  • 5 Day 3 Meals: $26.60 per day

7 Day Options:

  • 7 Day 2 Meal (no breakfast):  $21.86 per day
  • 7 Day 3 Meal $24.86 per day


Diettogo provides excellent tools in addition to an expert staff designed to support the creation and execution of a more structured program for losing weight and getting into excellent physical condition.  Dieters who track food intake and exercise lose twice as much as those who don’t in most cases.

The mobile app and web app are provided at no charge and can be linked to the FitBit tool to create an easy to use and powerful tracking system to enable the quickest and most comfortable weight loss program.  The desktop (and mobile) app can be used at any time during the day to rearrange meal plans based on changes in schedule or desires.

Diettogo combines tools with entire team of health professionals, including a Registered

Dietitian, a Nutritionist, and a Certified Health Coach to support you and your goals


Diettogo has put  together an excellent, well rounded, forward thinking program and menu of meals which  are superior for  losing weight at getting to the best physical condition a person desires.

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