Strength, discipline, adventure, happiness.

These four words shape my enthusiasm for choosing a healthy lifestyle. In my childhood years, my athletic interests and desire to perform at my best were inspired by my athletic family, my father was a high school baseball coach and my mother was a skier. As a family we would enjoy our time outdoors in Colorado and California: water skiing, snow skiing, fishing, riding mountain bikes and hiking. Naturally as I aged my weight increased. My desire to retain my high levels of athletic performance has been a significant, the most significant motivator in my interest in maintaining optimum weight and maximum health. More recently in life, I defeated cancer and this has added even more emphasis to healthier living, which for me focuses on diet and exercise. This prompted me to start Diet Delivery Meal Services and I hope the products I recommend and the experiences I share inspire you to choose healthy habits along your wellness journey.

Your friend in good health,

Michael Jagelski - Bio Photo